30 Must Have GPS Tracking for Camping Accessories

This article has 30 Must-Have GPS Tracking for Camping Accessories to get the most out of your time outdoors. It also discusses safety measures that you should use with GPS trackers to protect yourself. GPS is a great tool but you should be prepared to keep your GPS Tracker charged. We show you a few of the things we have and that you should consider too.

GPS Tracking for Camping Accessories

Anker Portable Charger PowerCore

Your GPS tracker will die at some time during your camping trip. One way to avoid this is too have a dependable power supply to keep your devices charged. Hands down, this is our best and most effective recommendation as a primary backup source. If you really use a lot of juice you should consider having multiple sources to charge your devices. There are some really great portable power banks that pack a punch and can power your phones, gps for days.

The bigger power banks have 20100mAh so they can easily charge several devices. With this much power it can charge your iphone over 7 times or your Samsung 5.2 times. That is a lot of power! These portable power packs have come down in price a fair amount over the last few years. This will be enough power to charge up your phones, gps several times during your camping vacation.

Solar power

Solar power is another option for charging your gps tracker but it does have a few drawbacks. It is great in the sun but does not deliver during cloudy, rainy days or when you are in deep forests. This might be the time when you need your battery charged most of all.

A lot of the current technology allows for USB and plug adapters to charge your gadget. They also have extra batteries installed so you will get some juice even if it is a cloudy day outside. This is a potential downside to charging your device. You may not always get a good charge unless you are in a really sunny area.

BioLite CampStove.  Start a fire – Charge Your GPS (coolest gadget)

The BioLite is a cool stove that also converts heat into electricity and it boils water while you roast marshmallows. The extra electricity is enough to charge your phone and gps. If you charged your phone for 20 minutes it would have enough battery for a 60-minute call. tip: turn your phone or gps off for a quicker charge. They use electricity while on, even when you are charging them. The key to the charger is to follow the directions and get the fire right. Once you do that you won’t have any trouble charging your devices.


When you have no cell service and need to talk with your loved ones you must have this goTenn which lets you text and use GPS on your phone. It doesn’t require service. Get the goTenna here.

American Red Cross Axis Self-Powered Safety Hub 

It is wise to have a portable radio that can receive emergency alert broadcasts. This safety hub also has a weather radio and USB port to charge your cell phone or gps tracker. The red cross has a great radio that also charges your electronic devices. I hope you have a strong arm! This is one of the better hand crank battery chargers. The crank is bigger and allows for a more natural circular crank – which makes it easier to turn.

Midland Two-Way Emergency Crank Radio

If you are going for a long camp then you will need an Emergency radio which has over 22 GMRS/FRS channels as well as all of the NOAA weather channels. In addition to the alert function, you can also charge your devices with this emergency radio while have a bright flashlight. When everything has a dead battery and you really need to get home this is an essential item.

Hand crank generator

This is one of the better charging options for emergency power that you can take anywhere and will work in any situation. It is best for situations where you don’t have a lot of room and need to save space. You just need energy yourself to crank it. The hand crank generator will produce enough juice to power your gps tracker in one minute. With enough cranking, you will be able to charge your devices but it will take some time. Check out our full GPS charging article.

Midland Two-Way Radio (Pair)

This is a must-have device since your cell phone may not work. You will want to be able to communicate with your fellow campers. Walkie talkies have come a long way in the last few years and are water, weather resistant and have a long battery life.  This model is waterproof and a great price. Get it here.

Personal Alarm

This loud 130dB Personal Alarm  will scare off any would-be attacker including dogs, wolves and any other animal that values its ears. Since your gps doesn’t have an alarm, it is a great idea to be prepared and ready for anything. You never know when you will need to defend yourself from a would be attacker (human or animal). So be prepared and have some way of defending yourself.

Extra battery

When using a full-featured gps tracker while camping or hiking you can expect to your gps tracker to last 6-8 hours when using a lot of processing power, screen brightness and tracking. If you are out for more than a day then you will need a way to recharge your gps tracker since it is a best practice to have it available for use at all times while in the woods, on the trail, or on the open water.

By having an extra set of gps batteries you are making sure that you will have enough navigation if the unexpected happens like a sudden storm or blizzard when you have to seek shelter and your “vacation” may turn into a survival situation. Always be prepared for the unexpected.


Everyone loves a whistle. It is a good idea to have backup tools at the time considering how inexpensive they are and how important they can be in an emergency.

Charging Cord

You will need a cell phone and gps charging cord. You can never have too many charging cords. I always have an extra cord on me and a power bank in my car. While in the outdoors I bring it in my bag so I can always charge my phone or gps.

Wind Gauge

A wind gauge like this one is a must have when camping. For those weather geeks like me, this is a cool device to see how windy it really is.

Dexshell waterproof Socks

When you really are getting off the beaten path and it is muddy your feet will get wet, even if you have waterproof boots. Your feet will thank you if you keep them warm and dry with Dexshell socks. These socks are great because they are extremely comfortable and are not as bulky as traditional “waterproof” sock which bunches up in your boot and is uncomfortable.

The beauty of the Dexshell waterproof & breathable hiking/trekking socks is that they are versatile, breathable, and extremely comfortable – and keep your feet from feeling cold and wet.  Get these water socks on Amazon.


Waterproof hiking boots are a must and critical piece of gear for camping. They are usually warmer than work boots (and they don’t have a steel “cold” toe). Since you will be walking off the beaten path you will need a good waterproof pair of boots to keep you warm, dry and safe. Tennis shoes just won’t cut it outside.


A travel vest is a must-have for going into the outdoors with a lot of gadgets. The vest has excellent reviews, in fact, some of the highest we have seen for vests, and for good reason. It is constructed of waterproof and is wind resistant.

Teton Sports Scout 3400 Internal Frame Backpack

When you are carrying a lot of equipment for camping, having a big backpack that can carry your essentials is a necessity.  Check it out here.

Gadget Pouch

You will be carrying a lot of gadgets with you and will definitely need a good gadget pouch to hold them when they are not in use.

Bagail Travel Organizers

These organizer bags are great for getting a lot of gadgets, clothes and stuff into a small space. When everything is in its place it makes the day start so much faster since you won’t have to organize your bags. These are inherently designed to optimize space and store as much equipment or gadgets as you have.

Emergency mylar blankets


A flashlight or headlamp is a must have for obvious reasons. When it gets dark in the evening you will need light and having a primary flashlight with a backup headlamp is a best practice. Chances are you won’t be able to find your way back to camp with the light from your cell phone or gps. Even if they do have bright lights, you won’t want to use their batteries since you need them for other purposes.

his headlamp on Amazon gets amazingly positive reviews.

Multitool and belt clip

LifeStraw Water Filter Bottle

These water filters are lifesavers, latterly. I have used them while camping and was able to stay hydrated. This little baby is easy to drink from and filters pretty quickly. When you are out on the trail and if you ran out of the water this LifeStraw will keep you alive.

RadarScape (iOS) or RadarExpress (Android)

When camping, you need to know the weather at all times since it can change on you in a few minutes depending on where you are camping. these apps provide live radar to let you know how quickly you need to get back to camp. This is a really helpful tool while camping. You will also know how many clouds will be coming in since they may interfere with your gps direct line of sight.

Geolocate app

Share your location with friends so they know if you made it to your camping site and when you leave.

Case- Garmin 64 GPSMAP 64s, 64 CASE COVER


When you are looking for a durable compass that will work under almost any condition consider the official compass used by the United States Military! If it is strong enough to stand up to the military training and abuse our Special Forces put it through, then it is good enough for you! Check it out here.

Bahco 396-LAP Folding Saw

This general purpose folding saw is a critical piece of gear while camping and wandering through the woods with your gps. You will need to cut wood for a fire at some point. While on the move or if an unexpected storm were to suddenly blow in, you would need to be prepared, take shelter and build a fire to stay warm. This folding saw makes that process a less stressful when you are trying to stay alive. Check it out here.

Castle Art Supplies Graphite Drawing Pencils

While out on the trail find the perfect stump to sit down and take it all in. If inspiration strikes you and you brought your drawing pencils you will be able to capture the beautiful magnificence of nature.  This is one of the camping accessories you may not think of but is great if you have it.

Screen protector

Sandisk Ultra 32GB memory card

While out camping and taking pictures, your camera and other electronic devices will be burning through memory as well as their batteries. The good news is that with this memory card you will have more than enough storage to capture the beautiful landscapes, scenery.

Fire starter

You will get wet at some time during your camping trip even if it is just from a shower. Remember, there is no hot water! So you will definitely want to have a good fire starter ready to start a fire. There is nothing worse than trying to start a fire when you are freezing cold. This fire starter  along with the first starter squares is a must have and will surely start your fire every time. Your future self will thank you for getting this.

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