Top 10 Worst Food Items for Your Teeth

Sour candy is the worst of the bunch. It's chewy and adheres to your teeth, and its acidic flavour can damage enamel.


White processed bread chews into a sugary paste. It can accumulate microorganisms between teeth like sugary candy.

White Bread

Daily soda consumption harms teeth. Carbonation and sugar in soda are harmful.


Caffeine leaches calcium from your system, causing bone and tooth weakness.


Chewing on hard foods might weaken your teeth's enamel, crack or break them.


Chewy, sticky dried fruit has more sugar than fresh fruit. Even if it appears healthful, avoid it or floss and brush after eating.

Dried Fruit

Energy drinks are essentially coloured sugar water with negative side effects. Coconut water boosts electrolytes.


Alcohol dries out your mouth, damaging your teeth, gums, and digestive system. Red wine stains teeth.


Oranges and lemons are high in vitamin C, but their acidity can harm teeth. Moderately consume citrus juice and avoid lemons.


Too much cake is a triple punch of tooth don'ts: sugar, soft bread, and icing, which coats teeth and encourages damage.


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