10 Harmful Side Effects Of Mobile Phones On Teenagers

Teens' cell phone use may cause eyesight impairments. 83% of 30 medical students had cell phone vision condition

Vision problems

Most teens sleep with their cell phones close by so they can answer texts and calls and be reached at all times.

Sleep loss

Regular use of mobile phones has been linked to an increased risk of obesity in young people.


Teen Tendonitis is caused by excessive texting. Poor posture causes hand, back, and neck pain.

Teen tendonitis

Teens who rely on texting can develop anxiety. Instantly rewarding, texting also causes worry.


If your teen has a cell phone, it will be tempting for them to talk or text all day instead of doing useful things.


cyberbullied online, 10% by cell phone, and 5% had cyberbullied another person by cell phone.


Teenagers frequently answer phones and text while driving, despite the fact that doing so is extremely hazardous.


In some persons, there are statistically significant connections between cell phone use and cancer.

Risk of cancer

The latest changes to cell phones make it easy for teens to get any kind of information.

False prestige

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