Blonde Blowout

Here's another expensive undercut. The top pompadour contrasts well with the sides and facial hair.

Key Faux

The faux hawk is a popular hairstyle. This variation combines a faux hawk and an undercut. The fringe is neat.

Subtle Fringes

This Caesar-esque undercut has a front fringe and lots of texture. We like his well-groomed beard.


It's a classic undercut. The undercut is defined by well-combed top hair, parted sides, and fading.

Acute Angled

The top is textured and spiked, and it has an angled, lined-up fringe, making it a unique style.

Disguised in a Side

This undercut is disguised as a side part. The following taper with brushed-up and side-brushed top says it all.

Semi Wavy

When you get an undercut, it's like pressing a button that instantly takes your style to the next level.

Slicked Back

The winged slicked back hairstyle with longer strands and tapered sides raises eyebrows.

Degradation Design

A thin part around the head separates the thick, curly hair on top from the short hair on the sides.

 Fine Faded

When it comes to having a sleek look, this is another one. This one could also be called a low-key military hairstyle.

Lionel Messi’s Top 10 Most Iconic Hairstyles

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