Lionel Messi’s Top 10 Most Iconic Hairstyles

This classic cut refreshes an 80s favourite. Choppy fringe and full sides balance the back mullet.

Modern Mullet

Messi has worn many undercuts, and this one has a cropped but volumized medium-length top.

Undercut and Medium

Messi's longer, outward-brushed hair adds volume. The beard balances and accentuates the cut.

Taper Fade

Here, Messi goes classic with a scissor-cut quiff that's nicely sculpted at the front and has volume from all angles.

Cut Quiff

While Messi experiments with his hair, he sometimes wears a traditional taper cut.

Classic Taper

Another simple, low-maintenance hairstyle, Messi's medium fringe is longer in front.

Medium Fringe

You might not think an athlete can have a quiff, but Messi has one with this short, explosive style.

Short Quiff

Because Messi uses styling products to keep his hair in place, this cut is unusually neat.

Short Tapered

One of Messi's most popular hairstyles, it features platinum blonde tips and natural hair colour underneath.

Full Beard

This low-profile cut packs style. The short brush up's tapered sides draw the eye upward.

Tapered Sides


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