Top 10 Nail Design You Should Try 

Etsy nail decals introduce a new world. Photorealistic flowers could convert plant-haters.

Realistic Flowers

A rainbow-colored manicure is given even more impact when striped in a half-and-half pattern.

Mix-and-Match Stripes

Earth-tone swirls are a great way to channel your inner 1970s babe.

Espresso Swirls

Poppy red and negative space make hearts not charming. To DIY, paint over a heart-shaped sticker, let dry, and peel.

Negative-Space Hearts

Copy nail artist Betina Goldstein and use Essie Blanc and Stencil Me In to make the green pop.

Slime Green

This "sparkle" art can bring joy to even those individuals who have a strong aversion to glitter.

Graphic Sparkle 

if you have longer nails, you can add even more sparkle by putting stones in any empty spaces.

Blingy Blooms

When you want more than a simple mani but don't want to go to the salon, use glitter.

Silver Glitter

Double-up on pink for a French manicure. Thin lines look attractive on shorter nails, but bigger tips are cute for acrylic nails.

Baby French 

Top 10 Crazy Nail  Design in 2022

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Another French tip variety. Rainbow pastels make the aesthetic modern and retro.

Pastel Tips