Top 10 Crazy Nail  Design in 2022

For a clever spin on a French mani, use a different colour tip on each nail. A gold decal gives additional distinctive touch.

Colorful French

2022's coolest manicure fad was treating each nail like a scrapbook page, and it's not over yet. 

Doodle Nails

For a high-impact, low-effort mani, skip the nail polish and cover your nails with pretty stickers instead.

Shiny Stars

Another method to jazz up your mani? Use different colours on each finger for an ombré effect.

Blue Ombré

Dainty daisies are easy to grow. For symmetrical dots, use a toothpick or bobby pin.

Tiny Florals

By fashioning a French tip out of the empty area, you may give this old favourite a modern makeover.

Negative French

Green is in style and on our nails. Two green shades and a swirl design will maximise your manicure.

Green Swirls

For a trendy manicure, try one of this year's nail designs. It's more eye-catching with vivid colours.

Mix and Match

The addition of teeny-tiny pearls along the cuticle line can take a frosty-white lacquer to an entirely new level.

Pearly White

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For another take on cartoon glitter, adorn merely a few nails. An ice blue colour palette keeps everything fresh.

Blue Sparkles