Side Effects of Drinking Coffee Every Day

Caffeine raises women's incontinence risk. Loss of bladder control is a bladder ailment.

Urinary Incontinence

People who drink a lot of caffeinated drinks are more likely to have a gout attack.

 Gout attacks.

Stress may be caused by caffeine. Studies on animals show that stress can make people fat.

Weight Gain

Consuming a significant amount of caffeine in excess can result in a severe case of anxiety.

Anxiety Attacks

Mild hypertension patients who drank 4 cups of coffee had 4 times the risk of a heart attack.

 Risk of heart attacks 

Because caffeine has acids, it makes the stomach make more acid. The caffeine in coffee seems to make acid reflux worse.

Stomach Disorders

It is a withdrawal symptom that comes along with other physical problems, like feeling tired all the time and getting headaches.


Caffeine might cause miscarriage and other pre-delivery difficulties in pregnant women.


Caffeine might disrupt your menstrual cycle, so limit your intake. It causes delayed periods, heavy flow, and cramping.

Menstrual Problems

Especially in people who already have high blood pressure or who don't usually drink caffeine.

Raise blood pressure

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