The Ivy League is a short style that can be worn long. This allows for greater styling while keeping hair neat.

Simple Ivy

This hairstyle's flowing fringe and fading side add panache. The top is frizzy and thin, so it seems tossed and smooth.

Stranded Top

This brushed-up style is another one with two hard parts. It looks messy and trendy at the same time.

Brushed Up

This style works great for boys with thick, wavy hair. It accentuates waviness and looks stylish.

Wavy Brushed

The sides are straight up shaved to emphasise the top, and the temples are fading.

Hardcore MoHawk

Who said only adults can do hard things? This style shows that boys of any age can pull off a tough look.

Low Key Hard 

Spikes can be styled in numerous ways. Here's a loose spiky look that's somewhat blown out.

Spiky Top

The wavy texture on top is fun since it adds length and makes thin hair look thick.

Summer Holidays

This dramatic quiff is a more formal style with a lot of volume. A sudden skin fade gives it a powerful look.

Skin Fade

Side parts are adaptable for boys. It can be neat and proper or messy and laid-back.

Side Brush

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