9 Stunning Butterfly Tattoo Ideas to Try

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monarch butterfly

You'll get a lot of praises when you wear this timeless style.

skull & butterfly

A butterfly and a skull tattoo are the ultimate representation of death and rebirth; when they are combined.

fusion butterfly tattoo

You can also get this ind of fusion butterfly tattoo which will look too awesome.

back of the ear butterflies

The two butterflies are looking beautiful & the behind ear placement is best.

wrist butterfly tattoo

The inner wrist is a great place to get a wrist tattoo because it's close to you all day and provides the perfect canvas.

dark inked butterfly

Now this tattoo with dark ink look very attractive & also have two hearts in it.

butterfly on shoulders

The blue butterfly is more than simply a symbol of beauty; it also symbolises happiness and good fortune.

chest butterfly tattoo

The chest tattoo is a popular choice for both men and women who aren't afraid to stand out.

realistic butterfly

With these lifelike tattoos, you'll look like a butterfly has landed on your skin.

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