9 Hand Tattoo Ideas for Men and Women

love & dagger tattoo

The heart is a sign of love and companionship, making it an excellent choice for a new tattoo.

lion hand tattoo

The lion tattoo, which symbolises strength and courage, is an excellent choice for someone's hand or wrist.

rose hand tattoo

For an edgy and amazing rose hand tattoo, choose different colours that are associated with specific sentiments or events.

stars on the hand tattoo

With a star tattoo, you'll be able to soar to new heights.

wedding ring tattoo

A wedding ring tattoo is becoming increasingly popular among tattoo enthusiasts.

small hand tattoo

For a hand or finger tattoo design, a little tattoo or even a tiny tattoo may be the ideal option for you.

name hand tattoo

Wearing the names of individuals who are close to you will help you to keep them close at all times.

side of hand tattoo

A little image or a tribal design can be easily accommodated in this area, which is popular for matching tattoos.

skull hand tattoo

The addition of a skull tattoo to the already provocative pattern of the hand tattoo amplifies its ominous connotations.

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