9 Flower Tattoo Ideas to Try in 2023

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To get an Aztec flower tattoo, choose a design with a tribal feel.

tribal flowers

You must seek out a watercolorist with experience working with dark skin tones.

watercolor lily

We're smitten by the vivid colours and elegant geometric lines that encircle this blooming rose.

neon rose

Medium to huge tattoos on the back of the ear are extremely rare.

behind the ear flowers

The addition of a butterfly tattoo design enhances the beauty of a floral tattoo.

butterfly flowers

There are many cultures around the world where wildflowers are seen as a symbol of happiness.


This adorable kitty face is a perfect example of how floral patterns don't have to stand out on their own.

flowered-covered cat

With them, she could show that she misses her hometown while living in a new place.

cherry blossoms

Lover's and couple's tattoos with forget-me-not flowers are a symbol of their eternal devotion to each other.

Myosotis flower

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