GPS Customer Service: Get Your Questions Answered

Customer Service Importance

GPS tracker customer service. When you have questions you really need to speak to a HUMAN. We help get you there.

When selecting a GPS device you definitely need to pay a close attention to customer service. The reality is things may go wrong with any GPS tracker. If this happens, then you’ll definitely have to contact the company’s customer support to resolve your problems.

In this case, everything will depend on the company’s customer service. The problems may arise anytime. That’s the reason why it would be better for you to deal with a GPS company that provides its clients with 24/7 customer service.

We provide you with a with the list of top 15 companies that offer different types of GPS devices in the United States. Plus, we’ll give you the contact information about their customer support centers.

It’s also important to know that we have analyzed hundreds of customer reviews about each of GPS companies. So, we’ll be able to tell you which GPS companies are the best and which ones are the worst. Above all, we’ll explain to you why people are happy or unhappy with customer service of GPS companies. Lastly, we’ll provide you with some tips and recommendations on how to deal with GPS companies.

The list of top 15 GPS companies:

1) Garmin (customer service number in the US: 1-833-451-4717 and email: [email protected])

2) TomTom (customer service number in the US: 866 486 6866)

3) Magellan (customer service number in the US: 800-669-4477)

4)  LandAirSea (customer service number in the US: 1-847-462-0176 and email: [email protected])

5) LiveViewGPS (customer service number in the US: 1-888-544-0494 and email: [email protected])

6) OnStar (customer service number in the US: 888 466-7827)

7) Motorola Solutions, Inc. (customer service number in the US: +1 847 576 5000)

8) Insignia (customer service number in the US: 1-877-467-4289)

9) Air-Trak (customer service number in the US: 877-247-8725)

10) Wireless Links Inc. (customer service number in the US: 201-531-5906 and email: [email protected])

11) Signature Control Systems Inc. (customer service number in the US: 949-580-3640 and email: [email protected])

12) GPS Insight (customer service number in the US: 866-477-4321)

13) Lytx (customer service number in the US: +1 866 419 5861)

14) Fleetilla (customer service number in the US: 734-995-5100)

15) Omnitracs (customer service number in the US: 469-801-6664)

Which GPS Companies are the Best?

As it was mentioned earlier, we’ve analyzed numerous customer reviews left by happy and not satisfied with the customer service from several GPS companies. So, we’ve studied carefully what people say about customer service of each GPS company. Below, we would like to share what we have learned.

According to customer reviews, Garmin remains the undisputed leader in the industry of portable GPS trackers. The vast majority of customers say that they are very happy with Garmin’s customer service. People say that Garmin’s customer service is great! Garmin’s customer support representatives always do everything possible to help clients select a GPS tracker that meets all of their needs in the best possible way.

Garmin’s customer service is available 24/7, so employees would be happy to assist you anytime. Those people, who’ve contacted Garmin’s customer service, say that customer support representatives are very friendly and helpful. If, for example, you analyze Garmin’s customer reviews at Customer Affairs site, then you’ll see that 40% of clients gave Garmin’s customer service 4 Stars and 60% of clients gave Garmin’s customer service 5 Stars.

LiveViewGPS is also one of the best GPS companies. If you check the company’s reviews at Shopper Approved site, you’ll see that LiveViewGPS customer service has been reviewed by 31 clients. It’s worth noting that the vast majority of company’s customer reviews are positive. Totally, 21 happy clients have left 5 Star reviews and 5 happy clients have left 4 Star reviews about the company’s customer service.

Which GPS Companies are the Worst?

According to customer reviews provided at Customer Affairs site, TomTom is did not have the most satisfied customers in regards to customer service. The vast majority of clients have left negative reviews about the company’s customer service. Obviously, people are not happy with TomTom’s customer service which is a huge part of the buying experience. For example, one client contacted the company’s customer service for help because he couldn’t connect to MyDrive to update his GPS device. All the attempts to resolve the problem made by the GPS company failed. Later, TomTom’s customer service representatives stopped replying to the client’s complains.

This made a customer very frustrated. Several clients also reported that TomTom’s customer support were not available when they needed the assistance. There are also many complains saying that the customer support didn’t help clients when they tried to update their GPS trackers.

There are also many negative customer reviews about Magellan’s customer service at Customer Affairs site. A lot of customers find it hard to update their maps. When they contacted Magellan’s customer service for help they figured out that support representatives were useless.  Some people are happy with the quality of Magellan’s products, but they don’t like the company’s customer service. You’ll also be able to find a lot of Magellan’s customer reviews saying “poor customer service”, “terrible customer service”, etc.

Tips and Recommendations

– It makes a lot of sense for you to do your own research and figure out what people say about a GPS company of your choice prior to making a purchase. And of course, you need to take a closer look at the reviews about the GPS company’s customer service. Finally, you’ll be able to draw your own conclusions and decide whether a GPS tracker is worth buying or not.

– When buying a GPS device you need to ask a company if it provides clients with a trial period. A trial period gives you an excellent opportunity to test a GPS device within a certain time period. If you are not happy with a product, then you’ll be able to return it back to a manufacturer and get a refund. If you bought it off Amazon you can return it according to Amazon’s policies which are very buyer friendly.

– Don’t forget to ask a seller the contacts (customer service number and email) of a GPS company’s customer service center. So, you’ll be able to contact the company’s customer service immediately when you need help.


Within this article, we reviewed the GPS customer service that several GPS tracking companies provide. This list has 15 of the top companies and is continually expanding. Let us know what you think and who you would like us to review next.