The Coolest Winter Hair Colors Are Heating Up

Mahogany Hair: Moody winter color, reddish-brown with a violet cast, resembling deep mahogany wood.

Strawberry-Blond: Perfect for blonds, light blond with a soft red undertone, warm golden blond.

Brownie-Batter Brunette: Trendy brunette color with subtle tone-on-tone brown, embracing natural roots.

Bronde: Cozy winter color, a blend of bright platinum and darker golden blond tones.

Rich Auburn: Earthy copper with depth, natural-looking and stunning as it fades.

Winter Gold: Adds golden tones for warmth, ideal for medium to dark-brown hair bases.

Jet-Black: Classic choice for dark hair, glossy with shine, moves beyond heavy box-dyed color to a more natural look.