The Best TV and Movie Wedding Dresses of All Time

 Has anyone recovered from Carrie Bradshaw's wedding gown from Vivienne Westwood, which she wore in the 2008 Sex and the City film?

As seen by her adult braces and garbage cake consumption, Miranda Hobbes has never been one to follow convention, and her marriage to Steve was no different.

Charlotte York chose a garment that was quite true to her character when she married Harry Goldenblatt—you know, the guy she could have sex with. It was elegant, sophisticated, and not overly revealing.

When you picture Meghan Markle wearing a wedding gown, it's most likely the custom Givenchy off-the-shoulder number she wore to marry Prince Harry in 2018.

It's arguable whether or not Robin made the correct decision in selecting Barney over Ted (at least in the middle of the season), but one thing she did well was wear this Monique Lhuillier outfit. Very lovely!

Is it just me, or does this ensemble cast and outfit simply make you want to go to a Greek island for the summer.

Not to be overlooked is the gown Rachel wore in the Friends pilot, which we first see her wearing when she flees from her marriage to orthodonticst Barry Farber. The fantastic crown/veil situation should be noted.

In Runaway Bride, Maggie's outfit was just the right amount of size and elegance to deflect attention from the fact that, underneath that skirt, she most likely wears sneakers.