Shoulder-Length Haircuts To Hairstylist Now

Dale Carter

Full Bangs

A shoulder-length cut featuring full bangs as the focal point. With long layers throughout, this hairstyle allows the bangs to take center stage.


Limited layering with a shorter, stacked back for an angled look. This style allows for increased volume and works particularly well with thick hair.

Natural Volume

Volume of compact curls with essential layers in a short cut. Starting mid-way down the hair shaft, these layers prevent the dreaded "triangle" shape.

Flippy Layers

Perfectly layered straight hairstyle that allows for versatile styling and a touch of hairspray magic. With layers starting midway down the shaft.

Stacked Layers

Layered styling that adds body and bounce. The angled layering around the face provides definition, creating a stylish and dynamic look.

Airy Layers

Adds movement and vitality to your everyday look. Perfect for naturally flat hair, the abundant layers create volume and allow you to effortlessly catch the wind.

Growing Out Bob

A longer-than-bob but shorter-than-lob haircut. The relaxed, overly swished side part exudes an easy and laid-back vibe, emains free from excessive layering.

Textured Layers

This layered haircut, perfect for wavy hair. The slightly shorter layers in the back and face-framing layers create a dynamic look.

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