Scalp Detox: 6 Easy Steps to Refresh Your Scalp

Choose the right scalp detox product

Choose the correct scalp detox product for your hair type and scalp troubles. Shampoos, masks, and scrubs help cleanse the scalp.

Start with dry hair

Apply the scalp detox product on dry hair. This helps the cream enter the scalp and absorb oil and product accumulation.

Section your hair

To evenly apply scalp detox, split your hair. This will provide complete scalp washing.

Apply the scalp detox product

Circularly massage the product into your scalp. Target buildup-prone regions such the hairline, crown, and nape.

Leave it on for the recommended time

Read the directions. Your product may differ. Give the product time to thoroughly clean your scalp and eliminate contaminants.

Rinse thoroughly 

After the required time, rinse your hair and continue with a light wash. Rinse your hair with a mild shampoo. Finish with conditioner.