Long Thick Hair: 9 Haircuts to Add Volume and Movement


For long, thick hair, a classic layered cut adds flow and reduces weight. Layers provide depth and keep your hair light.

Classic Layered Cut


This style is sleek and polished. This haircut enhances your features with gentle layers around your face while maintaining length.

Blunt Cut with Face-Framing Layers


Try the '70s-inspired long shag. It adds texture and eliminates bulk, making it ideal for thick hair. Stylish and simple, the shag cut has jagged layers throughout your hair.

Long Shag


Add style to your long, thick hair with side-swept bangs. Side-swept bangs frame your face and add beauty.

Side-Swept Bangs


Highlight your long, thick hair with face-framing highlights. Highlights frame your face and provide depth.

Face-Framing Balayage


Try a long bob or lob to attempt a lesser length while keeping your hair long. This adaptable hairstyle is just above the shoulders and looks trendy.

Long Bob (Lob)


Braid your long hair to show off its thickness. Divide your hair into two parts, braid them, and wrap them around your head to make a crown. Elegant for important events.

Braided Crown


Style thick hair into voluminous curls. Big, bouncy curls offer elegance and volume to long hair.

Voluminous Curls


Show your length and thickness with a half-up half-down haircut. Gather the top portion of your hair and pin or knot it, letting the remainder loose. 

Half-Up Half-Down