Garden fence ideas – 8 stylish ways to define your boundaries

Go classic with a picket fence

Picket fences are a typical choice for front gardens because of their low height. They enhance the curb appeal of your front yard landscaping and provide protection by allowing you to view past the boundary of your property.

Choose hit and miss fence to avoid having a best side

Enhancing your garden's seclusion is one of the main reasons to install garden fence ideas. Conventional fences have a good side and a poor side. It is polite to face your neighbor's garden with the "good" finished side of the fence.

Consider wildlife when opting for your fences

When deciding where to put your garden, take animals into account. Hedges complement a cottage-style garden and are the ideal wildlife garden boundary. Choose plants that will attract a lot of wildlife in the spring.

Replace your fence with a work of art

There are plenty of substitute materials for wood that allow you to be a little more artistic when designing your garden borders. Fences don't always have to be built of wood.

Use fencing as a backdrop for built-in seating

One of our favorite ways to decorate a fence is with a fashionable pergola. These structures can add vertical interest and shade to a garden, and the color combination creates the illusion of an outdoor interior.

Add low trellis fencing for a cottage garden look

One of the greatest garden fence ideas for a traditional design is a low-level trellis if you are adding fences but yet want to keep the view. A trellis design is the ideal accent to your cottage gardens, giving you the ability to define a space.

Integrate a water feature into your fence

This louver fence feels sleek and contemporary with its simple horizontal panels, providing a soothing background for the sound and sight of trickling water. It reminds me of Japanese zen gardens.

Build a ranch-style post and rail fence

This type of fence, which has been used to confine livestock traditionally, exudes the beauty of a rural ranch. Crucially, though, it doesn't block vistas, which makes it ideal if your property backs up to a beautiful region, like a woodland.