Curly Hair Keratin Treatment Guide

Choose a reputable salon

Not all salons offer keratin treatments, and not all that do are equal. Find a reputable salon that utilizes high-quality products.

Ask about the type of keratin treatment they offer

Brazilian and Japanese keratin treatments predominate. Brazilian keratin lasts longer but costs more. Japanese keratin is cheaper yet shorter-lived.

Discuss your hair goals with your stylist

Tell your stylist your hair goals. Keratin goals? Straight or frizz-free? Your hairdresser can suggest the finest remedy.

Prepare for the treatment

Therapy preparation. Pre-treat with a clarifying shampoo. This eliminates product and dirt that might hinder treatment.

Get the treatment.

Keratin-treated sections of your hair. Flat ironing follows. Treatment takes hours.

Care for your hair after the treatment

Post-treatment care is required. Sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner and no heat styling for many days.