9 Ways to Get Shiny Hair

Use a Gentle Shampoo

Choose a mild shampoo for your hair type. Harsh shampoos might dry out your hair. Sulfate-free and pH-balanced shampoos will keep your hair shiny.

Tip 1

Condition Regularly

To keep hair hydrated and lustrous, condition after every wash. The lengths and ends of your hair are drier. Leave your hair type-specific conditioner on for a few minutes before washing.

Tip 2

Cold Water Rinse

Rinse with cold water to finish your shower. Cold water seals hair cuticles, smoothing and shining. It gives hair natural gloss.

Tip 3

Avoid Overstyling

Flat irons and curling wands may damage and dull hair. Avoid heat style or use heat protectants to protect your hair.

Tip 4

Protect from UV Rays

UV radiation may dry and dull hair. Wear a cap or use a UV-protected hair product while outside.

Tip 5

Regular Trimming

Regular trimming prevents split ends. Split ends dull and frizz hair. For healthy, lustrous hair, trim every 8-12 weeks.

Tip 6

Use Shine-Enhancing Products

Look for shine serums, oils, and sprays. These products boost hair shine and brightness.

Tip 7

Avoid Overwashing

Overwashing removes natural oils that nourish and shine hair. To preserve shine and natural oils, wash your hair every 2-3 days or as required.

Tip 8

Eat a Balanced Diet

Your hair's look depends on your nutrition. To nourish and shine your hair, eat vitamin- and mineral-rich foods including fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seafood. Hydrate everyday by drinking enough water.

Tip 8