9 Flattering Hair Colors That Prove Balayage Is Perfect for Fall

Dale Carter

Metallic Bronze Melt

Brunette base color bright and vibrant with a full application of golden caramel balayage from roots to tips.

Golden Hour Blonde

A radiant glow by adding golden-tinged curls. This sunlit color update is sure to bring in elevate your overall style.

Baby Platinum Balayage

Transform your beach blonde into a warm-toned, sunny version of platinum that remains stunning throughout the year.

Balayaged Money

A touch of color to your face-framing strands. Ask your stylist for a subtle stroke of your chosen hair color to create a vibrant.

Pumpkin Spice Balayage

The essence of fall with a hair color combination of mocha brown, burgundy red, ginger, and strawberry blonde.

Iced Mocha Balayage

The darkest of brunettes can rock some golden blonde flair. Strategically placed streaks of balayage, focused on the face.

Toffee Color Melt

Transition seamlessly from autumn to the new year with a wearable and flattering caramel toffee balayage.

Campfire Red Balayage

A fiery hair color that's sure to turn heads. This vibrant and captivating shade is perfect for redheads or anyone looking.

Frosted Blonde Balayage

The anticipation of colder weather with an extra icy touch that beautifully contrasts against a super dark brunette base.

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