9 Adorable Dog Breeds With the Pointiest Ears

Alaskan Malamute: Affectionate, loyal, playful, and sizable breed, reaching up to 85 pounds.

Australian Cattle Dog: Medium-sized, extremely smart, and very active; ideal for those on the go.

Basenji: Small and barkless, known for almost human-like emotional expressions.

Belgian Malinois: High-energy breed needing regular mental and physical stimulation; loyal and protective.

Chihuahua: Pint-sized, great for apartment living, active despite being lap dogs.

Corgi: Adorable pointy-eared herding dogs, affectionate, suitable for walks or hikes.

German Shepherd: Iconic pointy-eared dogs, strong, athletic, intelligent, eager to please.

Papillon: Known for big, upright ears, extremely loving, requires exercise, tends to be yappy.

Rat Terrier: Bred to kill rats, around 25 pounds, stamina and muscles for long workdays.