8 Velcro Dog Breeds That Are Extra Clingy (and Loyal)

Collie: Loyal and friendly, collies are known for their majestic appearance and devotion. Available in "rough" and "smooth" coats, they make wonderful companions.

Giant Schnauzer: Friendly and loyal, Giant Schnauzers have a curious face and a love for attention and obedience training. Active playtime and grooming are essential for their affection.

Irish Wolfhound: Courageous and dignified, Irish Wolfhounds have a short lifespan but make up for it with unmatched loyalty. A sturdier version of greyhounds, they require significant exercise and playtime.

Basset Hound: Charming and patient, Basset Hounds may seem lazy but possess great charm and devotion. Their love for long walks and grooming sessions makes them delightful companions.

Shar-Pei: Loyal and independent, Shar-Peis have unique faces and expressive ears. Adored for their friendliness, they are excellent guardians of the home but may be wary of strangers.

Cocker Spaniel: Gentle and smart, Cocker Spaniels are perfect-sized dogs known for their playful demeanor. Originally bred for hunting, they seek unabridged devotion and love long walks.

Finnish Lapphund: Friendly and alert, Finnish Lapphunds, or lappies, are bred to wrestle reindeer in the Arctic Circle. They thrive on curiosity and require attention to lead a happy life.

Shikoku: Energetic and enthusiastic, Shikokus were once hunters of wild game. Devoted to their human friends, they need ample playtime both indoors and outdoors.