8 Stunning Peach-Colored Flowers and Foliage Plants We Love

Coral Hibiscus: This tropical beauty boasts large, ruffled flowers in a shade of peach that leans towards coral. The vibrant blooms make a bold statement against dark green foliage, attracting hummingbirds and butterflies.

Double Dianthus: Also known as sweet William, these charming cottage garden flowers come in a delightful shade of peach with a hint of pink. The double blooms form dense clusters, releasing a sweet fragrance that fills the air.

Salmon Zinnias: These cheerful annuals bring a burst of sunshine to the garden with their large, daisy-like flowers in a range of peachy-salmon shades.

Apricot Roses: A classic flower with a modern twist, apricot roses offer a softer, less formal alternative to the traditional red. The delicate petals unfurl gracefully, revealing a warm, inviting hue that complements any garden setting.

Heuchera 'Peach Flambe': This stunning coral bells variety features ruffled leaves in a vibrant peach color with darker veins. The foliage offers a kaleidoscope of shades throughout the season, adding dimension and texture to borders and containers.

Coleus 'Peach Julep': This versatile annual brings a touch of the tropics with its scalloped leaves in a vibrant peach color edged with lime green. It thrives in partial shade and adds a playful pop of color to mixed containers and shady gardens.

New Zealand Flax 'Burgundy Red': This architectural plant offers dramatic upright leaves with reddish-purple margins that contrast beautifully with the peachy-pink interior.

Japanese Maple 'Coral Bark': For a touch of autumnal beauty all year round, consider the Japanese maple 'Coral Bark'. This small tree boasts stunning peach-colored bark that contrasts with the deep green leaves, creating a truly mesmerizing effect.