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8 Calmest Dog Breeds That Make Perfectly Mellow Companions

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Basset Hound: Known for their laid-back nature and easygoing personality, they are content to lounge around with their low-energy demeanor.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel: Gentle and affectionate, they enjoy snuggling up and are known for their calm and friendly disposition.

Great Dane: Despite their large size, Great Danes are often gentle giants with a calm and patient temperament, making them excellent family pets.

Newfoundland: These massive dogs have a sweet and patient nature, making them ideal for families seeking a gentle and tranquil companion.

English Bulldog: Though they may appear tough on the outside, Bulldogs are typically quite relaxed and make great companions for those seeking a low-key pet.

Shih Tzu: These small, affectionate dogs are known for their calm and composed nature, making them perfect lap dogs and companions.

Greyhound: Often referred to as the world's fastest couch potato, Greyhounds are surprisingly calm and lazy indoors, making them a peaceful choice for a companion.

Clumber Spaniel: This breed is known for its relaxed and easygoing personality, enjoying leisurely walks and lounging around the house.

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