8 Blonde Hair Colors for Cool Skin Tones



Flattering, suiting a range of skin tones. Opt for a cool champagne shade for blue or pink undertones, and request a gradual root smudge.

Champagne Blonde


A lighter look while maintaining a natural appearance. Opt for an ash or neutral blonde balayage to achieve a borderline-ashy dust blonde shade.

Dust Bronde


A bold statement with platinum hair, featuring an icy edge for added drama. Whether cool or warm in tone, this attention-grabbing color.

Cool Platinum


A touch more pigment than ice or silver blonde. This more subdued variation is exceptionally flattering on medium-to-dark cool skin tones.

Frosted Blonde


A balayage blend of cool and neutral blondes to achieve a sandy blonde color that enhances your complexion and imparts a sun-kissed glow.

Sandy Blonde


A cool undertone choice like muted auburn blonde shade that leans away from golden tones for a unique and sophisticated redhead look.

Auburn Blonde


Striking change by adding a barely-there violet tint to your hair. This silver-violet blonde shade is perfect for revamping your style and keeping the ends lighter adds.

Violet Blonde


The perfect compromise between ash and warmth with baby beige hair color. Teetering between barely golden and champagne tones, it beautifully compliments.

Baby Beige

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