8 Beautiful Formal Hairstyles For Your Next Special Occasion

Messy Low Bun: Loosely pieced together low bun with a pearl clip for added elegance.

Wrapped Curly Ponytail: Formal ponytail with curls, finished with hair wrapped around for an elegant touch.

Sleek and Fluffy Ponytail: Contrasting sleek upper and fluffy bottom for a formal look.

Half-Up Twist Knot with Curls: Showcase curls with a half-up style featuring a twist knot and tousled curls.

Pinned To One Side: Use a pretty pin to pull one side of curls back while leaving the rest to fall naturally.

Braid into Bun: Combine a braid and a bun for a versatile hairstyle.

Elegant Twisted Bun: Twisted hair into a clean bun for a formal look.

Add a Velvet Bow: Elevate any hairstyle with a velvet bow for a quick and stylish touch.