7 Things Interior Designers Love From Hobby Lobby

Pots And Pottery

A lovely pot to be homed in is a must-have for any tree, and fortunately, that is our second favorite item to grab at Hobby Lobby," the Farleys said. "We have bought this particular pot for three of our clients' residences, and it consistently exceeds our expectations.

Floral Stems

These designers use artificial nature into their homes in ways other than just greenery. Additionally stylish are artificial stems with buds or leaves that are in bloom. These delicate designer selections can enhance an area both indoors and outdoors and will look great all year round.

Wall Mirrors

It is difficult to locate a mirror that is both elegant and reasonably priced. Nordike hints that Hobby Lobby carries a wide variety of them, but her favorite form is this one.

Psuedo Vintage

In a perfect world, each of us would have access to a vast collection of antiquities and heirlooms. Sadly, this isn't always the case, and it's not always simple to find something genuine and beautiful for your house.

Cabinet Refreshers

When redesigning your environment, a small detail really can make all the difference. In fact, skilled home DIYers may simply accomplish Ashley Farley's method for modernizing kitchen and bathroom cabinets.

Holiday Decor

Nordike can attest to the fact that Hobby Lobby really goes all out for the holidays. Her house is brimming with festive Hobby Lobby purchases around Christmastime, from unusual, huge jingle bells to festive red and green décor.

Artificial Greenery

We usually say Hobby Lobby offers the best collection of imitation plants, trees, and bouquets. Although we adore the way lush plants and fresh flowers appear in a house, we don't like how little time and care they require.