7 Low Maintenance Pets That Still Give all the Love

Sugar Gliders

You're in luck if your community allows you to possess sugar gliders—they adore cuddling up to you! Your sugar glider will become your favorite snuggling partner once it warms up, but they frequently need to be well-socialized before they exhibit their cuddly side. 


You'll adore their special way of cuddling! Because they are so soft and well-socialized, chinchillas love to be petted and will even fall asleep on you! Your chinchilla snuggles will be very cute.


Ferrets are playful creatures that become quite loving when they are tired. You may receive twice as many cuddles if you choose to own ferrets because they behave best in pairs.


Hedgehogs have a cute tendency of curling into a ball when they're nervous, but they can also be great cuddlers when they're at ease and have received the right socialization.


In addition to their inherent fun nature, hamsters are quite loving and like being petted. They will even become close to their owners. It's a win-win situation to cuddle up with a hamster because they're also rather easy to take care of!


While many bird species are wonderful companions, lovebirds top the list. (And it should come as no surprise given the name!) Even though you'll have to teach your bird to cuddle with you in the end, they can be very affectionate.

Guinea Pigs

Guinea pigs love attention and are practically built for cuddling, but they can also live in a variety of limited spaces due to their small size. They are even cuter because they enjoy curling up on your lap!