7 Incredibly Unexpected Uses For A Waffle Maker

Chocolate Chip Cookies: Let's start with dessert. Your cookie dough could go into the oven, but that would take forever. If you're baking for only one (a joyful human like yourself), use the waffle maker.

Brownies: The waffle maker provides additional control, allowing you to make it as soft and chewy or crunchy and crispy as you like. The most crucial thing here is to avoid becoming obsessed with power.

Cinnamon Rolls: Yes, they will most likely come out large and fluffy if you use an oven, which, as previously noted, takes too long.

Churros: Prepare to make the most unique-looking churros from your original kitchen. Layer thick strips of dough until golden, then roll in cinnamon and sugar.

Macaroni & Cheese: Now on to more savoury options. You may believe that this game changer will cause a slew of problems, but do not worry! You're about to indulge in crispy mac and cheese pieces, which you'll most likely eat on a frequent basis.

Soft Pretzels: It only takes one successful attempt before you're addicted. Lace up the dough, placing one in each quadrant, and flatten it with heat. Then salt them like there is no tomorrow.

Quesadillas: A simple go-to that even the most inebriated college student can handle, a waffle-maker quesadilla delivers the doughy-cheesy bliss.