7 Etiquette Mistakes Everyone Makes at a Steakhouse

Cutting the steak all at once: Use knife and fork, cut one bite at a time in a zigzag motion, transfer fork to right hand to take the bite.

Eating every last bite: Leave one bite on the plate to show satisfaction without implying hunger.

Putting your napkin on the table: When excusing yourself, fold napkin and place it on the chair, not on the table or plate.

Chewing on the steak bone: Avoid gnawing on animal bones at the table in fancy restaurants.

Spitting out chewy pieces into a napkin: discreetly remove gristly pieces with fingers, place on upper left corner of the plate.

Not following the dress code: Check for dress code in high-end restaurants before arriving.

Ordering steak well-done: Communicate preferences to the server for a menu option that suits well-done preferences.