7 Crave-Worthy Facts About White Castle

White Castle’s Founder and the Modern Hamburger: Walt Anderson, a Wichita short-order cook, accidentally invented the modern hamburger patty by smashing a meatball frustratedly.

Pioneering Fast Food in America: In 1916, Anderson opened a burger stand, pioneering fast food in America, and by 1921, he and Billy Ingram established White Castle, credited as the first fast food chain.

First to Sell 1 Billion Burgers: White Castle achieved a milestone by selling 1 billion burgers in 1961, two years before McDonald’s reached the same feat.

Countering Hamburger's Bad Rap: To counter negative perceptions of hamburger safety, White Castle's name combined "white" and "castle" to convey purity and solidity.

Copycats and Legal Battles: White Castle's success led to copycats, including White Palace and Royal Castle. White Tower faced legal battles and a settlement for imitating White Castle's design.

Design Inspired by Chicago Water Tower: White Castle's turret-and-tower design was inspired by Chicago Water Tower, a survivor of the Great Chicago Fire of 1871.

Kansas Bereft of White Castles: Despite being founded in Wichita, White Castle no longer has locations in Kansas, but a temporary shop was set up in Wichita in 2011 for the brand's 90th birthday celebration.