7 Best Women's Hairstyles That Will Never Go Out of Style

According to hair guru and beiLondon co-founder Danny Bizzotto, waves are the "most timeless style" of all time. He claims that waves' versatility is a key factor in this.

According to Hairbro's marketing director and hair expert Adam Garfield, "bobs are getting a lot of attention lately, but that's really nothing new—especially when it comes to a classic bob cut," Best Life is told.

If you're not into the sleek, traditional bob appearance, don't be scared to try a more styled look instead; it can still be classic, says HEIR Salon director and hair expert Natalie Crank.

Would you rather have hair that is even shorter than a bob? If you're still looking for a classic appearance, Caroline Broadbent, salon director of Avenue Boutique in the UK, suggests a pixie cut.

The hair and beauty professional at Irresistible Me, Kate Ross, says, "This style adds volume and dimension to the hair.

Your hair will seem elegant and sophisticated when you highlight the lengthy layers surrounding your face, ala Jennifer Aniston.

If you want not to, you don't have to worry about getting elaborate haircuts or investing in the newest style equipment. Master hairstylist Nikki Corzine is the proprietor of The Canyon Salon in California.