2023 Low Fade Comb Over Haircuts


The Classic Comb Over

This classic hairstyle suits all guys. It has a low fade on the sides and back and a combed-over top.


The Hard Part Comb Over

This comb over has a shaved hard part. This modernizes and edgifies the hairstyle.


The Textured Comb Over

Men who seek volume and texture should have this haircut. A range of lengths gives the hair a natural, relaxed appearance.


The Quiff Comb Over

This haircut adds height and volume. Quiff-styled hair is brushed to one side.


The Pompadour Comb Over

A traditional and stylish hairstyle for guys who want to make a statement. The pompadour is combed to one side.


The Side Part Comb Over

This timeless hairstyle suits men of all ages. It has a firm side part and top hair.


The Taper Fade Comb Over

Like the low fade comb over, but the sides and back are tapered. This makes the haircut more stylish.


The High Fade Comb Over

This hairstyle highlights facial characteristics. The sides and back are faded high, leaving the top hair long enough to comb.


The Mid Fade Comb Over

This haircut is a good compromise between the low and high fades. The sides and back are mid-faded, leaving the top long enough to comb.