10 Short Hairstyles for Women of All Ages


Women of all ages can wear the pixie cut. It's stylish, low-maintenance, and customizable to your face shape.

Pixie Cut


Women of all ages love the classic bob. It's polished and sophisticated whether it's straight or textured and stacked.

Bob Cut


Short hair looks great with shaggy layers. For a stylish, easygoing look, this haircut is a good choice.

Shaggy Layers


Bangs may instantly change a short haircut, and side-swept bangs compliment women of all ages. They soften the face.

Side-Sweep Bangs


Short hair looks daring and edgy with a blunt cut. Its straight, even line gives a sleek, modern appeal for women of any age.

Blunt Cut


Asymmetrical cuts are trendy and unique. This short haircut adds edginess and style with uneven lengths.

Asymmetrical Cut


Try a mohawk-inspired cut. This daring haircut involves shaving or buzzing the sides and keeping the middle longer.

Mohawk-Inspired Cut


This short hairstyle has texture and individuality. It's adaptable and gives ladies of all ages a young look.

Textured Crop


Show off your curls. For women with naturally curly or wavy hair, this haircut gives short hair volume and bounce.

Curly Bob


A layered pixie gives short hair dimension and movement. It's elegant and adaptable to diverse hair and face shapes.

Layered Pixie