10 Short Hair Updos for a Stunning Look

Dale Carter

Green Curved Line

Topsy Tail

Tutorial on how to achieve this stylish and easy-to-do low braided pony, known as the topsy tail, for a chic and trendy look.

Low Bun Headband

Dressy and sophisticated look by loosely wrapping your hair around a headband and securing it in a chic low bun at the of your neck.

Double Dutch Braids

A stylish choice for the gym or hot summer days, keeping your hair off your neck and ensuring a hassle-free and cool look.

Messy Pony Scarf

Three versatile ways to style your lob with hairstyle, featuring a relaxed ponytail elevated by a vibrant scarf for a festive touch.

Twisted Pony

Stylish criss-crossed low ponytail, showcasing a simple yet eye-catching hairstyle that requires no intricate braiding skills.

Laidback Clip Updo

The accessories shine, like '80s banana clip making a comeback. Add a touch of nostalgia style and rock the town with confidence.

Messy Bun Fringe

Short hair, you can create a stylish messy bun. Leave some fringe up front for a face-framing effect, a cute and casual look.

5-Minute Ponytail

Her five-minute method to achieve a professional-looking yet simple ponytail. Learn her quick and easy technique by watching.

Low Braid Pony scarf

A side braid or a plain ponytail, a notch with the addition of a stylish silk scarf. Laid-back look with a touch of glamour.

Messy Side Braid

Elevate your short hair with a stylish side braid. It's a fun and chic way to dress up your look when a full updo isn't an option.

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