10 Short Hair Hacks for Long Haired Girls

Part your hair differently.

Side parts make hair seem shorter than central parts. A deep side part or zigzag part may provide drama.

Braid your hair

A tight braid might shorten your hair. French, Dutch, and fishtail braids are all possible.

Pin your hair up

A high ponytail or bun may also shorten hair. You may style your hair with a hairband, scarf, or bobby pins.

Get a layered haircut

Layers provide volume and structure, making hair seem shorter. Your hair stylist might create layers throughout your hair or around your face.

Use texturizing products

Sea salt spray and dry shampoo may give volume and structure to your hair, making it seem shorter. These items may be used before or after styling to boost volume.

Use a curling iron or straightener

Curling or straightening hair may modify its look. Curling makes hair seem shorter and fuller, while straightening makes it smooth and finished.

Get a trim

Trimming may eliminate split ends and style your hair. Trimming evens out hair length, making it seem shorter.

Change your hair color

Hair color may transform your appearance. Darker hair colors make hair seem shorter and fuller.

Accessorize your hair

Headbands, scarves, and caps may disguise long hair. These items may create casual and elegant styles.

Have fun with it!

Hairstyles are freeform. Try multiple techniques and discover what works best. Fun and self-expression are most essential.