10 Festive Natural Hairstyles


Twist-Out Updo

Twist your natural hair into an exquisite updo. Add festive hairpins or accessories.


Bantu Knots

Twist little portions of hair into tight knots. After drying overnight, unwind them to reveal gorgeous, defined curls great for any festive event.


Afro Puff with Hair Jewelry

Create a high or mid-height afro puff and add festive hair jewelry like beads, cuffs, or colorful clips.


Halo Braid

Start on one side and braid around your head to create a halo braid. Special situations call for this royal haircut.


Floral Crown with Loose Curls

Use flexi rods or a curling wand to curl your natural hair into loose curls, then crown your head with a flower crown for a whimsical and festive appearance.


Pineapple Updo with Twisted Bangs

Pull your hair into a high pineapple updo, letting your bangs free. For extra style, twist and pin these parts.


Cornrow Braids with Beads

Add multicolored beads or metallic cuffs to elaborate cornrow braids. This holiday haircut is fashionable and meaningful.


Faux Hawk with Braided Sides

Braid your hair firmly to create a faux hawk, leaving the middle area open and voluminous. Glitter or festive hair accessories provide sparkle.


Curly Frohawk

Create a raised mohawk with your natural curls by collecting the sides toward the middle. Bobby pin the shape.


Chunky Twists with Gold Accessories

Twist huge portions of natural hair and add gold hair cuffs. This festive hairdo has hefty twists and metallic touches.

Thick Brush Stroke

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