09 Trendy Edgy Hairstyles for All Hair Types


Pixie with Undercut

This classic edgy hairstyle works for short and medium hair. Pixies have shorter sides and backs and longer tops. The undercut is a side or back shave.


Shaved Sides

This edgy hairstyle suits all hair types. Shaving the sides leaves a longer top. This versatile hairdo is easy to maintain.


Messy Bob

A cool and edgy hairstyle for low-maintenance looks. The bob is short and disheveled. This haircut suits straight and curly hair.


Chopped Mohawk

This strong and edgy hairdo is excellent for statement-makers. The mohawk has a longer center and short sides and rear. 


Chopped Mohawk

This fashionable and edgy hairdo is ideal for adding flair to your outfit. Asymmetrical bobs have longer sides. This haircut suits straight and curly hair.


Spiked Up Hair

Add some attitude to your look with this cool and edgy hairdo. Gel or hairspray spikes hair. This haircut suits straight and curly hair.


Faux Hawk

This edgy hairdo works for all hair types. The faux hawk is a mohawk without shaved sides.


Colorful Hair

This bright and edgy haircut is excellent for statement-makers. Pink, blue, or green hair is coloured. This haircut suits confident, outgoing people.


Textured Hair

Add dimension to your look with this fashionable and edgy hairdo. Layers and texture make the hair edgy and classy.