09 Stylish Bantu Knots Hairstyles for All Hair Types


Curly Bantu Knots

A classic haircut for curly hair. Twisting hair into small bits and looping it around creates knots. Bantu knots give curly hair volume and definition.


Straight Bantu Knots

Perfect for straight hair. Braiding hair into small portions and winding it around creates knots. Straight Bantu knots give straight hair texture and intrigue.


Half-Up Bantu Knots

This hairstyle works for all hair types. Each half is fashioned into Bantu knots. Half-up Bantu knots highlight curls or add volume to straight hair.


Bantu Knots Ponytail

A fashionable, easy-to-wear hairdo for any occasion. Bantu knots are tied into a ponytail. For a basic, attractive hairdo, try bantu knots ponytail.


Bantu Knots Updo

A classy hairdo for special occasions. Bantu knots are styled into an updo. Bantu knots updos are wonderful for looking good.


Braided Bantu Knots

This elaborate and textured form of Bantu knots is ideal for adding detail to your hairstyle. Small braids are coiled around themselves. Braided Bantu knots offer character.


Colorful Bantu Knots

This entertaining hairdo is great for adding flair to your outfit. Bantu knots are fashioned and coloured. Colorful Bantu knots create a statement.


Glam Bantu Knots

This elegant hairdo is excellent for special occasions. Bantu knots plus hairspray or gel produce a sleek and finished look.


Messy Bantu Knots

A casual everyday hairdo. Bantu knots dry naturally. Messy Bantu knots add texture and character to hair.