11 Foods That May Contribute to Weight Gain

People often think that fast food is easier and takes less time than cooking at home.

Fast food

As a dessert, ice cream can add many calories to your meal, even if you're already full.

Ice cream

Increased rates of obesity in many places around the world may be partly caused by more people eating fast food.

Processed foods

Pizzas made in a commercial kitchen are a popular fast food, especially among kids and teens.


French fries are a popular snack or side dish, especially when going out to eat.

French fries

Many breakfast cereals are full of calories and added sugar, and some have as much as 13 grammes of sugar per cup.

breakfast cereals

Many health benefits, like better heart health and brain function, have been linked to dark chocolate.


Soda has a lot of calories and added sugar, but it doesn't have any vitamins, minerals, fibre, or antioxidants.


Although fruit juice is viewed as healthy, most commercial brands have as much sugar as soda.

Fruit juice

Most cookies and doughnuts have a lot of sugar, refined flour, and fat in them.


Coffee is a healthy drink because it contains caffeine and a number of antioxidants that are good for your health.


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